Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Madie is 15 months

Wow, how time flies. Last year on this day we were preping Madeline for her open heart surgery. I was nervous and a little scared even though I knew her life would be so much better for it. Now a year later she is my determined, strong, and independent daughter with no signs at all that her heart was at one point a huge open hole.

Directly after surgery
Night before surgery last picture with no scar

Now for more of Madie! She is strong and healthy and one of these days we will get her pediatricians figured out and I will have actual stats to share. As always her therapists are always super impressed with her and we can't go anywhere with out her drawing attention to herself. She is quite the socialite like her brother. She is also quite the trouble make and enjoys her bit of mischief. 
 She loves helping me with laundry, that is as long as it all ends up on the floor

 Sneaking off to play in the dogs water dish and 
 Caught red handed. This is her favorite play area. Unfortunately for me she is such a fast crawler she heads straight for it as soon as I turn my back or am busy in the kitchen . Half the time we just have to put it up till she goes to bed and hope for Max isn't thirsty.
 Getting to toilet paper. It must be a 15 month old thing to do because James has the same picture at the same age.
She and Max can sometimes get a little tangled and if he is in the way of her desired destination she will go anyway she can to get past him, including over and under. 
Playing in the clothes hamper. James thinks it is hilarious he puts Madie 'in jail' and fortunately she is willing enough to play along. 
She does have her quiet moments including getting into the reading corner and looking at books. This Dr. Suess one is one of her favorites. 

Madie loves her brother. So much that when he decides to play in his room without her she won't leave his door, trying to climb up it or just sitting and pouting until he opens the door and invites her to come in. I'm just glad James is patient enough (most of the time) to let her in after only 1 minute. I don't really blame him for wanting some space. This little girl really loves her big brother. 
Overall she is our happy smiley little girl. 

 She loves standing up or on walking on while holding onto my fingers and can pull her self up on most of the furniture now. Heaven help us when she starts walking on her own. For now I will be okay with just crawling.
We love our Madeline!

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