Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Madeline's Birthday

Dear Madeline,
I can't believe it has been one year already. Looking back there was so much uncertainty a year ago. We weren't certain what your future would hold, I wasn't certain I could keep you healthy and strong until your much needed heart surgery, and most of all we weren't sure where this unexpected path from the one we had planned might lead us. But I know now, it lead us to the same place, happiness, joy, and overwhelming gratitude for the opportunity to be your mother.

There may have been more twists and turns, more time in doctors' offices, and learning medical terms were were unaware had existed.  There was more time at home keeping your away from potential hazardous germs that threatened to make you sick, and more time praying everything would be alright. But in the end your smiles, our patience, your determination, let us know everything would be okay. Your cheerfulness and easy going nature made everything so easy. I can not put into words my joy of being your mother. I look forward everyday to see you wake up, smile, and teach me another lesson of love. Happy Birthday Dear Madeline Rose,
Your Mother

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