Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Buddy Walk

This past week we had the chance to participate in the annual Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome. It was an awesome event. There were more than 1,600 people who participated and I am proud to say that we had our own team for Madie as a part of those there. We were fortunate enough to have some awesome family and friends come and support us and we hope that our team will grow every year. 
 Our team 'Movin' with Madie'.
 The finish line
 Madie wasn't sure what to think of everything and mostly just wanted to cuddle with Aunt Valynn most of the time.
 The family. I love Madie's hat. My friend Jessie made it for her and brought it to the walk which was perfect because it was a little chilly that day.
 After we reached the park they had entertainment on the main stage, activities for the kids, and all sorts of prizes and best of all pizza. But I think James favorite part was the balloon 'fishing rod. He is casting here and you can't see it but there is another balloon tied on to the end as a 'fish'. He is still playing with it.
Madie did eventually cheer up once we got home to our nice warm house. I don't think she is one much for the cold, at least not yet.

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