Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Madeline is 10 months

I can't believe that Madeline is 10 months already. She is getting so big already. At her last check up she was 16 1/2 lbs and 25 inches. That puts her in the 60% in weight on the DS chart. Pretty good.

Here are some of her latest accomplishments:

She got her first tooth this past week! Yeah! If you look really closely, it is on the lower right.

She is sitting up like a pro and is determined to be on her own already. At all of her Dr. appointments she refused to sit on my lap and was only happy sitting in her own chair.

Because she is sitting so well that means she got to take a bath in the big bath tub with James. They both thought it was pretty great.

Madie is so excited to be like James and sit up in the grocery cart by herself
 She has decided that standing is the new 'thing'. I can hardly get her to sit down because she always has her legs straightened out.

She will also pull herself to standing when I hold my fingers out.

She loves watching James dance and likes to dance along with him.

(Video to hopefully come soon)

Madeline is starting to attempt to army crawl. She can't get too far yet but is trying pretty hard.

She is starting to eat some finger foods like soft bananas and peaches. She loves it and is putting the practice to use with other items that are found on the floor... Unfortunately sometimes it is just exhausting.

And just because here are some 10 months pictures I took out on our deck. Just because she is cute. 
She is trying to clap and will make me clap when she holds my hand.  But when she gets excited she will bring her hands together. And she will raise her hand when we wave goodbye. She is getting pretty close. 

 Hello blue eyes!

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