Monday, June 25, 2012


This past weekend I had the chance to catch up on some reading during our long travels. I ran to the library just before we left to drop off some books and movies that were due that day and in the entry on the new book stand was "Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected." I had happened upon the writer's blog soon after Madeline was born. She too has a daughter with Down syndrome and is a beautiful writer and photographer. I had seen the advertisement for her book at the time but it didn't come out until June so I was thrilled to see it on our libraries shelf and picked it up immediately.

It was a great book to read, mostly being about her personal journey with her daughter and learning the joy which everyone brings to life. If you have the time and don't mind it being a little overly sappy, maybe it was just me, take time to read it.

I will say after reading it, I will never have 753 comments on a single post nor will I ever take as beautiful photos as she does (although I am attempting to get better). I will never write as beautifully as she does about such simple things (read her blog!) or be writing books about life. However I do hope that with my few posts I write here and the few people who do read it, gain a greater appreciation of life that Madeline truly shows us every day. She is the happiest child I have ever seen, rarely cries, will smile or anyone and everyone, and is constantly the center of attention. She is already showing me more about life than i had known before and will touch more people than I know I can imagine.

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