Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Madie Gets New Shoes

This past Friday Madie got a new set of shoes. Not just any new shoes but specially made just for her.
 She finally got her orthotic braces! For the past few months Madie has been trying really hard to walk. She loves climbing up on stuff, side stepping around furniture, and hanging onto my fingers chasing James around the house. It seemed like every time her occupational/physical therapist came she was doing something bigger and better than the visit before. And then it flat lined. She is still great at everything but her balance wasn't improving, her walking skills in general didn't seem to be going anywhere anymore. We knew what the problem was but originally though she might just grow out of it. Her feet, especially her right foot, turned out. She basically has very week ankles so instead of walking flat on her feet she was walking on the insides of her feet. Not great for balancing or walking in general.
So we decided to go with braces to help straiten her up. I have been really excited to get these because I feel like they will really help her get into the proper form and get moving the way she wants to. I was really afraid she would hate them and be super grumpy for days or weeks until she got use to them but no such thing. She didn't even seen to care that we put them on. It took a while of digging through shoes to find one that would work with them but we were finally successful. 
 Woot, Woot! Madie is as happy as can be and so am I. She is still a little nervous about running around on them, I think it is a little bulky and will take some getting use to but she is already standing straighter and bending her knees more, which was another concern. I am always amazed by how happy she is and just goes with the flow no matter what we throw at her. Way to go Madie.

This has nothing to do with the braces, but later that afternoon she spent a good 30 minutes sharing books with reflection in glass door. Such a funny kid. 

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