Monday, January 23, 2012


Day 2: Madeline is doing great. They pulled her oxygen tube last night and all of her stats were steady last night. She was a little agitated when we showed up this morning but Aaron started bouncing her and I sang and she calmed down. The only problem is she doesn't want us to stop bouncing her. It looks like Madeline will be getting her blood pressure tube, her CV line, and her catheter out sometime today. She seems to be having a slight reaction to the morphine with a slight rash on her face. The nurse said it could make her itchy, which is also possibly why is has been more agitated and swiping at her face. For now Dad is bouncing the mattress/her and she is asleep. Lets hope everything continues to go well.

Post Operation Day 1

Post-op Day 2 morning

First Feeding after operation

Dad and the magical bounce.

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