Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 4: Move to Recovery Floor

That's right. It has been a busy day around here, in a good way. Madeline started the day by having her final chest tube removed as well as her pace wires. She then had an echo cardiogram to check out everything is going. After making sure that everything was a go we moved her up to the recovery floor. She is still on oxygen and sounds like she will go home with it. She also has her IVs still in but other that that she is looking fairly wireless compared to earlier. Her arrhythmia has been great since she was put on some medication and everything seems to going well. We have a tentative date of going home on Sunday or Monday which would be great. Also we now get to hold her which I was missing a lot. She started to act more like herself being more alert and starting to coo again. Hopefully she keeps on doing awesome and we get to go home before Aaron starts school.

Also they brought a mobile in to keep her entertained. I wasn't sure what she would think of it because we don't have one but I think it was a hit. See what you think.

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