Monday, January 23, 2012

Madeline 3 Months

I have been meaning to make a post for Madeline turning 3 months for the past week or so but with everything else going on it didn't happen so I am finally getting to it as we wait for her surgery. She is getting so big she weighed in at a little over 11 lbs (it was in kg before so I'm not sure what that translates to in ounces.)Madeline is turning out to be quite the smiley girl. She is already a Daddy's girl. I can get her to smile a little but when she sees Dad, Grandpa, or even James she give a big grin. I love it.

She loved the Christmas season because of all the Christmas lights. She would lie under the tree and just stare at them. It was cute.

She is is starting to coo and make raspberries (especial when she is mad LOVE IT). She loves music and will calm right down when I start singing. Her hair is crazy as always and can't decided if it wants to lay over or be a mohawk still.

She has also discovered her thumb and LOVES it. You can hear her at night sucking away at it. She still hates the binky so I'm not sure if we will switch her over but we figured it would be a good thing for her to have some self soothing while in the hospital not to mention that it is just so cute.

This is the doll she got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Miller. It looks just like her and she already enjoys playing with her (mostly chewing on her dress).

This is one of my favorite pictures yet because you can see just how much she loves her Dad. She is just looking at him with just a cute expression.

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