Thursday, March 8, 2012

Physical Therapy

Now that Madeline is past her 6 week post-op she is allowed to get back to normal physical activity. For her, this includes physical therapy. I was worried about how much the surgery would set her back knowing that no matter what it is going to get any baby back a little. After the surgery she wouldn't lift her head up like she did before and when we were allowed to start tummy time she wouldn't lift her head off the ground or roll over, which she was doing before. After a few weeks of tummy time again she was back to holding her head up correctly but still wasn't rolling over.

Last week her physical therapist came and the first thing she did when he put her down on her stomach was roll over! The little show-off. He then gave us some exercises to help her roll from front to back and then back to front. As well as some to start strengthening her lower muscles to get ready to sit up. None of them are strenuous by any means and really just feels like we are playing with her. James loves it and is always asking to help Madeline roll and cheers her on. I love it. He is the best PT in the house.

That was one week ago. Since that visit she is back to rolling over from her tummy and is very, very close to rolling over from her back she just can't quite get the last pull to get herself completely over. It is amazing what just a little extra help can do. I am so grateful to have some awesome professionals to work with and that Madeline is really above and beyond. She is still technically right on track of any other baby her age who doesn't have Downs and who didn't have heart surgery. I know that as things get harder, like crawling, and walking, she will probably be behind for a bit but it will be great to know that we will have some awesome people to make sure she gets there sooner rather than later.

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