Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cardiologist check-up

Today we drove down to Primaries for Madeline's post operation check-up. She had a chest x-ray, ekg, blood pressure, and oxygen stats taken. We met with the nurse practitioner and two cardiologists. They said everything is looking great. They don't hear any murmurs, which is wonderful. We hope that that means any residual holes left are healing. They took out her last stitches (She gets to take baths again!!!!). And we are taking her off of her lasik (medicine to keep fluid out of her lungs). All really good signs on the road to recovery.

The only thing she didn't pass was her oxygen check. Her numbers lingered around 88-92 and they want them above 96/97 consistently. So we are still on oxygen, bummer I know. It is interesting to me that her numbers were above 96 (out of 100) before the surgery when she had a gaping hole in her heart and now that it is fixed her levels are lower? Crazy I know. They said it mostly had to do with her lungs adjusting to the new pressures and such.

But overall we are thrilled with her progress. She now gets to have tummy time again, take baths, and wear normal clothes (she was only in zip up pajamas for the past two weeks to avoid pulling clothes over her bandages)! We are excited for all three and look forward to getting rid of the oxygen sometime in the future hopefully soon.

Madie after her first real bath in a month, in a onesie, after tummy time, and playing with her favorite toy!

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