Monday, January 23, 2012

4 Month Check Up

Today we took Madeline out for the first time since coming up 2 weeks ago. It was quite the exciting trip. We went to the doctors. Madeline passes with flying colors! Her stiches are healing wonderfully and her heart sounds perfect! WooHoo! the surgery has put her a little behind developmentally wise such as sitting up and holding her head, especially since we can't do any physically therapy with her for 6 weeks. It will take a while to rebuild her strength but even so she is off to a good start. So here are the stats for my cute kid.

Madeline- 4 Months
Weight 11.5 lbs.- 54%
Height 22.5 in. -29%

Madeline was able to get the RSV shot finally! It is such a pain to gt qualified for this. It can do so much good for so many kids but insurances fight paying for it like crazy. The nurse was saying that even if we had a change of address or something you could be nixed. They look for the smallest thing to get you off of it. Why! I have mixed feelings about it because the only reason she is on it is because she is on oxygen. On the other hand I REALLY want her to get off of oxygen soon. For now I am just glad she get is. I am hoping this keeps her nice and healthy as she is healing from her surgery.

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